Limescale is one of the most common problems Irish water users have to deal with. At Johnny Flood Water pumps we can provide you effective solutions for hard water treatment solutions in Wexford. Our team has worked with several domestic and commercial clients to provide a cost-effective, efficient solution for limescale removal. From hotels to holiday homes we cater for all.

A single-number scale does not adequately describe hardness; descriptions of hardness correspond roughly with ranges of mineral concentrations:

Hardness Range

Soft: 0–60 mg/L
Moderately hard: 61–120 mg/L
Hard: 121–180 mg/L
Very hard: ≥181 mg/L

Water Softener Installation
Hard Water Treatment Wexford

Signs of limescale/hard water:

  • Limescale build-up in heating systems causes a loss in heating efficiency, wasting energy
  • Showers, washing machines and immersion heaters become damaged and inefficient more quickly
  • Limescale quickly builds up on taps, sinks and other fittings becoming unsightly and making cleaning difficult
  • Hard water can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema
  • Hard water can also damage and make hair tangled and hard to deal with

What you want is a water softening system that will effectively remove calcium, magnesium, and other such minerals that lead to a “hard” water condition. Getting rid of these elements by availing hard water treatment services in Wexford will enable you and your family to enjoy your home’s water. Not to mention your pipes, appliances and fixtures will function far more efficiently.

What can Johnny Flood Water Pump provide as far as water softening solutions?

With our water softeners installed, you can count on:

Benefits of soft water:

  • Reduced scale build up
  • Better rates in terms of energy consumption, more efficient heating systems
  • Laundry that turns out brighter and softer
  • Less skin irritation and shinier hair
  • Increase life expectancy of appliances (i.e. dishwashers, power showers, hot water cylinders and washing machines)

Types of softeners we supply and install:

Clack Water Softeners

The Clack water softener is the ultimate in water softening technology. Featuring the WS1CI valve from market leaders Clack.

Clack Water Softeners are:

Increased Pressure; Water passages on the Clack water softener are 1 inch in diameter. Most other water softeners are ¾ or ½ inch in diameter
Reliable; The Clack valve has battery backup of twenty four hours
Smart; There is a self diagnostic feature employed with the Clack valve
Safe; The Clack Water Softener valve controls are NSF certified and are WQA Gold Seal approved.

Hard Water Treatment

Delta Non Electric Water Softener

This is stylish and ultra compact non electric single tank softener. This water softener installation fits in the smallest spaces and will be at home in any modern kitchen application

Delta water softeners are :
Non electric; no electricity supply is needed for models for any size household
Compact; fitting under modern sinks, specifically designed to fit even the smallest gaps but still have a high capacity
Low salt consumption
Simple to use

Atlas Water Softener

Atlas Water Softeners are:
SINGLE REGENERATION PERFORMS THREE FUNCTIONS; it selects the appropriate setting to regenerate at the most efficient level (holidays, guests, seasonality)
INNOVATIVE DESIGN; Functional and compact

COUNTERCURRENT RINSING makes this water softener installation more efficient during the cleaning process

DRY SALT TANK Brine made at the beginning of regeneration which is initiated by the automatic valve