At Johnny Flood Water pumps we understand that keeping costs down and also being kind to the environment are key to us all. This is why we design and install rainwater harvesting systems for a range of clients. These can be installed initially on many projects or retrospectively to a premises.

Use the harvested water for toilet flushing, washing machines and garden use. If your tank runs empty, the system automatically switches to main supply which is built into all of our solutions.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Rain water is valuable for its purity and softness. It has nearly neutral pH and is free from disinfection by-products, salts, minerals and other natural and man-made contaminants.
  • Using rainwater reduces the amount of mains water used. In areas where water is metered and charged, using rainwater results in significant financial savings.
  • The water is free: the only cost is your initial purchase of the system.
  • Rainwater can be used for toilet flushing, laundry, showers, gardens, vehicle washing, machinery washdown, irrigation, industrial processes, etc. Plants and gardens thrive under irrigation with stored rainwater.

What we do;

  • Full system design including production of electrical and mechanical drawings
  • Onsite pre-installation meeting with the M&E contractor to ensure proper installation of our systems
  • Technical support during and after installation
  • Extensive commissioning check with report carried out and handed over with each project
  • We do not just hand over a system and walk away. Within our package we give a end user an operational demonstration as standard

Who we have worked with;

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Farms
  • Commercial Premises
  • Petrol Stations/Car Washes
  • Transport Companies

We supply and install systems from;

  • Harlequin Plastics
  • Delaney Concrete
  • Murphy Concrete
  • Graf