Designed to handle sewage, rainwater and wastewater in commercial, domestic and industrial systems, pumping station packages (also called lifting stations) include all of the piping, controls and pumps necessary for ensuring efficient and reliable performance where required.

Often required when the appliances/buildings are lower than the actual sewer system, a pumping station takes the place of what would otherwise be a gravitational system.

We supply and install pumping stations from the following manufacturers

  • Homa
  • Lowara/Flygt
  • Pedrollo
  • Sulzer
  • Grundfos

We offer solutions to our clients in the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass
  • Molded plastic

Johnny Flood Water Pumps carries the best in pump station packages and will work with you to devise the best solution for wastewater needs. Our pumping station products guarantee peace of mind.

Pumping Station Uses by Industry:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Group Schemes
  • Golf Courses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Developments

Pre-packaged concrete tank solutions

We also offer our clients a unique plug and pump concrete tank solution. This is where the concrete tank is delivered to our workshop in Wexford by a tank provider (some of whom are listed below). We carry out all of the mechanical and electrical work required in this chamber at our workshop. Once the installation has been tested and certified at our workshop the tank is then picked up and delivered to site to be installed quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of pre-packaged concrete pumping stations

  • No need for water to be provided on site to be tested
  • Fewer people on your busy site thus less chance of an accident
  • No need for any further confined space works to be carried out on site (a lot less risk involved)
  • The tank is tested and ready to be connected so saving the client time = saving the client money

We work closely with a range of concrete tank manufacturers to ensure the most effective and cost effective solution is provided to our client.

Delaney Concrete (

Murphy Concrete (

Carlow Tanks (

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